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Beets+Sweet Potato Chorizo Hash

30 Nov

beets potato - chorizo

Over the summer, we went to Yonkers for the day for a local foods and drinks event.  There, we ate sausages made by Hudson Valley Harvest, which were delicious.  Luckily, I recently discovered that I can get the sausages on Fresh Direct.  Our favorite is the chorizo.

The chorizo is great on their own, but can also be mixed into dishes… like a hash.  When I had a lot of beets and sweet potato in the fridge, some chorizo, eggs, and not much else, I combined them together for a dish that I think is great for breakfast as well as dinner. Continue reading


Brunch in a Bowl: Spicy Bork Mince w/Scrambled Eggs

24 Feb

spicy bork mince - serve with eggs

We have a fantastic butcher here in Park Slope called Fleisher’s.  Fleisher’s carries fabulous quality meats free of hormones or antibiotics, which are locally sourced and raised on a primarily grass-fed diet.  We love everything from them.  Yesterday, we stopped by Fleisher’s and picked up some pork chops, steaks, and some “bork” — ground beef and pork mix.  For late brunch today, I used the bork to make some spicy “bork” mince with onions, capers and parsley, topped with scrambled eggs.  So easy to make and packed full of flavor!  The capers add a nice tangy flavor to the spicy mince meat, and the parsley gives the dish a lovely freshness.  Eat with some scrambled eggs, and you’ve got a great protein-packed brunch in a bowl!

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Sweet Potato+Duck Hash w/Fried Eggs

9 Jul

I like to make sure that I get as much meat off poultry (chicken, duck, turkey) before I throw way the carcass.  Although the meat between the bones are perfectly lovely, sometimes they are better eaten within something rather than on its own, since the meat tends to be in little pieces and shreds.  We had a bit of duck leftover from the whole roasted duck, so, for our Saturday brunch, I made us sweet potato and duck hash to go with some fried eggs.  We LOVED it!

Here’s what I recommend you do with leftover, shredded pieces of duck meat:

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Pre-workout Eats: Scrambled Egg Whites w/Chimichurri

31 Mar

I have a hard time making it to the gym during the work week.  On Saturday, I have no excuse, especially since there is a gym in our building.  Traditionally, David trains me on the weekends.  I NEVER feel like going to the gym on my own.  I have to be made to go.  Once I go, it’s pretty okay, it’s the getting there that is difficult for me.

Eating enough but not too much before hitting the gym on Saturdays is a fine balance.  Too hungry = difficult to really give it.  Too full = just want to go back to bed.  I made a lot of chimichurri the other day to go with our skirt steak dinner (recipe soon!), and this morning, I topped some chimichurri over scrambled egg whites as my “pre-workout eats” — delicious!  I can’t eat too much before I work out, but being hungry this morning didn’t help my already not-enthused-to-have-to-workout self either… so some protein boost of egg whites topped with a dollop of flavorful chimichurri was perfect.

Egg in a Spinach/Bacon (Ramekin) Cup

2 Mar

Here’s a lovely way to change up your bacon and eggs, and eat your spinach, too!

I recently hoarded bunches of organic spinach, which were on sale… which resulted in finding interesting ways of using all that spinach.  We had some eggs, we had some bacon, so I took out my rarely used ramekins and made these adorable-looking breakfast in a cup (ramekin).  David loved it, and can’t wait for me to make it again.  I can see more vegetable variations coming up….

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