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Simple Snacks: Perfectly Hard Boiled Eggs

19 Jan

perfect boiled eggs

Perfectly hard boiled eggs make for perfect, simple protein snack sources.  Recently, I have hard boiled eggs handy for snacking during the day — I just peel the egg, salt and pepper it, and eat it.  It’s easy, tasty, and satisfying.  And I think I have found the perfect boiling method, at least for me.  I like my hard boiled eggs with a kind of “medium” yolk — cooked through but not dried out, still a little orange in the center with a creamy, velvety texture.    The best cooking method I have found is as follows:

Place the eggs in a pot and fill with cold water, enough water to submerge the eggs.  (I like to cook 4 eggs at a time — not really a magic number, rather, so I don’t eat too many all at once, as I love hard boiled eggs!)  Bring the water to a boil.  Once the water is boiling, cook for 4 minutes.  After 4 minutes, drain out all the water.  Let the eggs cool.  Peel, salt and pepper and enjoy!  (Or use for egg salad.)


Grilled Shishito Peppers

28 May

I love grilled shishito peppers, and am able to eat great quantities of them in one sitting.  Grilled shishito peppers appear to be trending at restaurants these days, which is understandable as they make for great bar snacks.  If you come across good looking shishito peppers (I found some at Fresh Direct recently), it’s super easy to make them at home.

Here’s how I grill them:

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Egg in a Spinach/Bacon (Ramekin) Cup

2 Mar

Here’s a lovely way to change up your bacon and eggs, and eat your spinach, too!

I recently hoarded bunches of organic spinach, which were on sale… which resulted in finding interesting ways of using all that spinach.  We had some eggs, we had some bacon, so I took out my rarely used ramekins and made these adorable-looking breakfast in a cup (ramekin).  David loved it, and can’t wait for me to make it again.  I can see more vegetable variations coming up….

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Good Snacks: Coconut Sweet Potato Mash

19 Nov

During rehearsal periods, when his work is physically demanding, David requires more calories than usual.  For a healthy,  energizing “power snack,” I make him “coconut sweet potato mash” — mashed sweet potatoes made with coconut oil.  It’s easy, tasty, and satisfying, and David loves it.  I make a big batch of it, and he just snacks on it for the next couple of days.  The mash keeps well refrigerated, and David eats it cold.

To make the mash, bring a large pot of water to boil.  Dice up a 4-5 sweet potatoes (peeled); when the water begins to bubble, put the diced sweet potatoes in the pot.

Bring the heat down to about medium, and cook the potatoes until they are tender and a fork will go through easily.  When cooked, strain the potatoes and put them back in the pot.

Add about 3 table spoons of coconut oil to the sweet potatoes.  With a wooden spatula, mash the potatoes and coconut oil together.  Season with some salt.

The sweetness of the sweet potatoes and the coconut oil pair very well together.  For Thanksgiving (Stockholm version for us this year), I am thinking of making this and maybe adding bourbon to it, maybe some cinnamon.  Coconut sweet potato mash makes a great power snack that is paleo-friendly!