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Simple Snacks: Perfectly Hard Boiled Eggs

19 Jan

perfect boiled eggs

Perfectly hard boiled eggs make for perfect, simple protein snack sources.  Recently, I have hard boiled eggs handy for snacking during the day — I just peel the egg, salt and pepper it, and eat it.  It’s easy, tasty, and satisfying.  And I think I have found the perfect boiling method, at least for me.  I like my hard boiled eggs with a kind of “medium” yolk — cooked through but not dried out, still a little orange in the center with a creamy, velvety texture.    The best cooking method I have found is as follows:

Place the eggs in a pot and fill with cold water, enough water to submerge the eggs.  (I like to cook 4 eggs at a time — not really a magic number, rather, so I don’t eat too many all at once, as I love hard boiled eggs!)  Bring the water to a boil.  Once the water is boiling, cook for 4 minutes.  After 4 minutes, drain out all the water.  Let the eggs cool.  Peel, salt and pepper and enjoy!  (Or use for egg salad.)


Simple Dishes: Caramelized Balsamic Red Onion/Garlic Scramble

25 Aug

When we recently returned from vacation, there was hardly anything in our fridge to eat the next morning: a half-dozen eggs, 2 medium red onions, a couple of cloves of garlic.  For breakfast the next morning, I caramelized the red onions with garlic, then de-glazed the onions with balsamic vinegar before adding the eggs… the result was delicious!  I topped the eggs with some basil right from our garden, and we had a lovely breakfast indeed.

Here’s how:

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Pre-workout Eats: Scrambled Egg Whites w/Chimichurri

31 Mar

I have a hard time making it to the gym during the work week.  On Saturday, I have no excuse, especially since there is a gym in our building.  Traditionally, David trains me on the weekends.  I NEVER feel like going to the gym on my own.  I have to be made to go.  Once I go, it’s pretty okay, it’s the getting there that is difficult for me.

Eating enough but not too much before hitting the gym on Saturdays is a fine balance.  Too hungry = difficult to really give it.  Too full = just want to go back to bed.  I made a lot of chimichurri the other day to go with our skirt steak dinner (recipe soon!), and this morning, I topped some chimichurri over scrambled egg whites as my “pre-workout eats” — delicious!  I can’t eat too much before I work out, but being hungry this morning didn’t help my already not-enthused-to-have-to-workout self either… so some protein boost of egg whites topped with a dollop of flavorful chimichurri was perfect.

Deviled Eggs with Caviar

27 Nov

As hors d’oeuvres for our “Swedish-inpspired” non-traditional Thanksgiving, I made deviled eggs with caviar.  Recently, deviled eggs seem to have made a comeback as a trendy bar food around New York.  One of our favorite Brooklyn bars called  Henry Public has deviled eggs on its menu, which we love to order when we enjoy a late-afternoon cocktail at the bar.  Deviled eggs make good hors d’oeuvres because they are easy to make, an appropriate size for finger-food, and look pretty.  I decided my “Swedish”-inspired deviled eggs would be topped with caviar (2 types) and chives.

The best egg boiling instruction I received came from an episode of Ina Garten’s cooking show.  She instructs that you put the eggs in the pot from the start —  add cold water just enough to cover the eggs, and bring to a boil.  Once the water comes to a boil, take the pot off the heat and leave the eggs in the hot water for 15 minutes.  This method of egg boiling keeps the egg yolks from turning a gray color around the edges.  I boiled the eggs the night before, so that they were ready to peel when I got home from work.

Peel the eggs carefully, and cut the eggs in half vertically (long-side).  Gently take out the egg yolks and put them in a bowl.  Finely mince half a small red onion and some chives, and add them to the yolks.  Add a table spoon of Dijon mustard, and about a tablespoon of good olive oil, until the consistency of the yolk mixture is creamy.  Season with salt.  It’s imprtant to taste and adjust the seasoning/flavor as you see fit.

Spoon the yolk mixture into the egg whites.

Top with caviar and sprinkle some chopped chives.  Serve on a platter.  Enjoy!