A Little Shift

15 Aug

It’s been an eternity since I’ve posted anything on this blog! The big reason behind my absence is that writing out a recipe takes a lot of time, and I’ve discovered it just doesn’t jive with how I cook on a daily basis. I like to cook simply and intuitively, and often what I am making doesn’t seem to warrant writing down. But David (my husband) thinks what we cook and eat will still be helpful or inspiring or fun in a food-voyeuristic way, so I’ve thought about how I could make this blog more a paleo lifestyle sharing site — which was my initial intention — as opposed to a recipe site.

SO — I’m going to make a little shift in how I approach recipe sharing here. What I will do is more casual “snapshot”postings of what I am eating and cooking, thinking of eating and cooking, as well as other relevant paleo lifestyle things like fitness. I will continue share how I am cooking something, but maybe sometimes it will be less formal. I think this will be a good change.

Stay tuned!


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