Sweet Potato+Duck Hash w/Fried Eggs

9 Jul

I like to make sure that I get as much meat off poultry (chicken, duck, turkey) before I throw way the carcass.  Although the meat between the bones are perfectly lovely, sometimes they are better eaten within something rather than on its own, since the meat tends to be in little pieces and shreds.  We had a bit of duck leftover from the whole roasted duck, so, for our Saturday brunch, I made us sweet potato and duck hash to go with some fried eggs.  We LOVED it!

Here’s what I recommend you do with leftover, shredded pieces of duck meat:

Peel and chop up one organic sweet potato:

Bring a pot of water, salted, to a boil.  Boil the chopped sweet potatoes for 5 minutes, then strain them and set them aside:

In a heated skillet with a drizzle of olive oil, sauté 1 white onion (diced), 2 shallots (sliced thinly), and 3 garlic cloves (sliced thinly); season with salt:

Once the onions/shallots/garlic soften, add the sweet potatoes:

Chop up 1 large cap of portabella mushroom, and add to the vegetable mixture in the skillet:

Once the mushroom pieces soften, add the shredded duck (we had about 1 cup — if you have more leftover, that’s great!):

Season the mixture with salt and pepper, and cook until the sweet potatoes brown, stirring frequently:

Fry up a couple of free-range organic eggs, and serve with a side of the duck hash!

Delicious!  The sweet potatoes pair nicely with the duck, and the onions and shallots emphasize the sweet and savoriness of it all.  Oh, and how awesome are oozy fried eggs with a good side of hash?  I will definitely make this again next time we have some leftover duck!


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