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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

25 May


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  David and I kicked off our weekend today with a little gardening.  Our tomato plants are coming along nicely, so we put up some tomato “cages” to support them as they grow taller.  This year in our petit jardin we have: 4 types of tomatoes, 3 types of basil, serrano chiles, habañero chiles, sage, thyme, some shiso/perilla (stray seeds from last year were in the soil, it seems), mint and rosemary.  Although the temperatures aren’t as summer-like as we’d want this weekend, it’s so nice to look out onto our balcony to see so much (edible) greenery.

Blogging had stalled here for a while, but I will pick it up this weekend with new posts and recipes.  Stay tuned!


Garden Update

25 Aug

Our garden continues to grow apace.  The tomato plants have gotten tall, and so, as they fruit tomatoes and some of their branches weigh down,  we’ve had to find ways to secure the plants — we’ve put stakes, tied a couple to the balcony railing itself, and added a cage around one pot.  The tomatoes seem sensitive to changes in temperature, and we found a few baby tomatoes sadly rotting… but all in all they look great and there are quite a few tomatoes growing healthfully.

Here’s one of the big ones:

The basils are doing fabulously — we’ve already made several batches of fresh pesto (paleo version), and have used them in sauces as well as scrambled eggs.  They keep growing back and then some.  It’s wonderful to be able to just step out onto the balcony and harvest our own basil as needed!  The thyme and sage are doing, well, too, and have been useful in cooking.  It’s a very satisfying feeling to have a herb garden that proves useful in daily cooking.

My current garden excitement are the shishito peppers — they look gorgeous, and more keep growing… I can’t wait to eat them!  I planted them solely because I love grilled shishito peppers and thought it would be great if we could just grow them ourselves and not have to pay for them.  We weren’t confident how well they’d do, but they seem to be doing very well.  Although I suspect that their pepper growth will not keep up with my appetite, I am impressed with how well they are doing.

A (Lil’) Garden Grows Over Brooklyn

29 Jul

Our garden has expanded into 2 long planters and 2 smaller ones.  We are growing: 4 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, Japanese eggplants, shishito peppers, sage, thyme, 2 types of basil (regular and “lettuce” basil), and a shiso plant.  They are doing quite well and have given our balcony a lush, green look.  We love our little garden!

Our first harvest was a lovely little tomato (which we ate with our bun-less burgers):

Currently, there are 2 Japanese eggplants growing very nicely.  We may eat them by the end of this week!

Our urban petit jardin overlooking Brooklyn — it’s giving us great joy so far this summer!