Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

25 May


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  David and I kicked off our weekend today with a little gardening.  Our tomato plants are coming along nicely, so we put up some tomato “cages” to support them as they grow taller.  This year in our petit jardin we have: 4 types of tomatoes, 3 types of basil, serrano chiles, habañero chiles, sage, thyme, some shiso/perilla (stray seeds from last year were in the soil, it seems), mint and rosemary.  Although the temperatures aren’t as summer-like as we’d want this weekend, it’s so nice to look out onto our balcony to see so much (edible) greenery.

Blogging had stalled here for a while, but I will pick it up this weekend with new posts and recipes.  Stay tuned!


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