GO: Fort Reno BBQ (Brooklyn, NY)

23 Jun

A full rack of ribs with a side of cole slaw.

Love BBQ?  Love grass-fed organic meats?  Then Fort Reno BBQ in Park Slope is a paleo foodies’ dream come true for you.

About the meats, as described on the Fort Reno website:

“In the kitchen, we smoke and braise meats to succulent perfection. About half the menu will change seasonally with the core of the menu being beef brisket, whole-hog pulled pork and pork ribs. Specials like duck, game and odd bits will rotate through the menu, based on availability. The meat served is organic, grass-fed, and sourced from Heritage Foods and Pat LaFrieda.”

Oh, Heritage Foods and Pat LaFrieda — what wonderful meats they produce!  What we love about Fort Reno is the high quality of the meats they serve.  The pork ribs are AMAZING — juicy, delicious, flavorful, with a nice amount of fat (but not too much).  Although some bbq afficionados/critics feel there are more “authentic” bbq to be eaten in NY (and Dinosaur BBQ is opening soon on the same street as Fort Reno), what sets Fort Reno apart for us is that the meats are organic and grass-fed.

We are thrilled that Fort Reno is within walking distance to our home.  Although we ate at the restaurant the first time we went (the cocktails are also excellent), we have since opted to take-away their bbq meats for dinner .  This way, we can eat a lot of bbq in the comfort of our own home, accompanied by some simple salad and some wine.  In addition to the ribs, we love the pulled pork and brisket.  Since eating paleo, we don’t get take-away or delivery food.  It looks like Fort Reno will be the exception, as it is a great source of quality meats when we don’t have the time to cook.  Fort Reno delivers, too, but we are just outside their delivery zone.  No problem.  The walk is just one subway block worth, and so, as we walk home with a bag full of bbq, we think of the walk as some “exercise” before we dig into some delicious meats.


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