I ♥: Little Food Chopper

16 Mar

This little food chopper is one of my favorite everyday kitchen gadgets.  Although I have a fancy Cuisinart food processor, this little chopper of 1 1/2 cup capacity is perfect for everyday mincing of garlic, carrots, onions, and other vegetables.  This gadget is especially useful when I make meatballs that requite a lot of minced veg, for instance.  Prepping chopped/minced veg is so easy!  And the clean-up is simple, too, since the chopper is so little.  I was given this food chopper, and although David was dubious of its use since we already have a giant food processor, this food chopper has carved out its own important niche in my kitchen.  The chopper is NOT a food processor.  It’s a chopper.  And it’s perfect for when you have to chop or mince a lot of things but can’t be bothered to bring out and clean up a big food processor.  I highly recommend it.


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