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New ♥: Gefu Spirelli Spiral Slicer (and Super Simple Lamb+Olive “Bolognese” w/Zucchini “Pasta”)

17 Feb

13460-spirelli-spiral-cutter-gefu-detailA high school friend of mine and his girlfriend are on the raw food diet and are also vegetarian.  A while back over drinks, they told me about the wonders of the spiral slicer that can create beautiful spirals of vegetables — a perfect gadget for raw foodists, who, with it, could make raw vegetable “pastas” from carrots, zucchinis and the like.  The idea of the spiral slicer stayed on my mind, and so I finally purchased one recently.  There are a few types of spiral slicers out there, but I went with the Gefu Spirelli — and I LOVE it!

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I ♥: Catcher Citrus Reamer

23 Jun

Here is a little kitchen gadget that I use all the time: Joseph Joseph “Catcher Citrus Seed Reamer and Pulp Catcher.”  Since I often use lemon juice in cooking, this super simple gadget comes in very handy.  I have an electric citrus juicer, too, but I find this handheld device is plenty for most lemon juice needs — plus I don’t have to bring out the electric juicer (bigger) and this handheld version is very easy to clean.  Although some little seeds will slip through the sieve, I find this juicer a go-to kitchen gadget.

I ♥: Little Food Chopper

16 Mar

This little food chopper is one of my favorite everyday kitchen gadgets.  Although I have a fancy Cuisinart food processor, this little chopper of 1 1/2 cup capacity is perfect for everyday mincing of garlic, carrots, onions, and other vegetables.  This gadget is especially useful when I make meatballs that requite a lot of minced veg, for instance.  Prepping chopped/minced veg is so easy!  And the clean-up is simple, too, since the chopper is so little.  I was given this food chopper, and although David was dubious of its use since we already have a giant food processor, this food chopper has carved out its own important niche in my kitchen.  The chopper is NOT a food processor.  It’s a chopper.  And it’s perfect for when you have to chop or mince a lot of things but can’t be bothered to bring out and clean up a big food processor.  I highly recommend it.