Snapshots from Tech

15 Jan

David patiently working out the intricate choreography and stage traffic in the finale.

We have just completed week 2 of tech.  David has been working around the clock to put the show together.  We still have a lot to do before the first preview, and David is spending every available moment fine-tuning all the choreography in the show (of which there are plenty).

As we are in tech, my blogging has lagged a little bit.  I continue to cook a lot everyday, though, especially since we bring lunch to work each day.  There aren’t too many places to eat near the theater — there are restaurants, but they are pricy and we don’t have enough time to eat out during lunch.  The “fast” food places are either McDonald’s or Max (Sweden’s version of McDonald’s), which are no good for us.  So I’ve resorted to making double the amount of whatever we have for dinner, and we bring the leftovers for lunch.  This process has worked nicely so far.  I hope to catch up on blogging on some of the new recipes I’ve devised this week!


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