Tera’s Whey Protein Shake

9 Feb

3D_ORG_Choc_Can1000I am not a morning person, and so I tend to skip breakfast during the work week.  David frowns upon this habit, especially as he has read somewhere that one should eat within 45-minutes of waking up to kick start one’s metabolism.  And so I have started to drink a protein shake in the morning.  Initially, I tried a protein shake that was plant/veg-based with pea protein, but I didn’t react to it very well (my stomach felt funny).   Wanting a protein shake that’s low in sugar but still tasty, I tried Tera’s Whey — and their shakes are good!  I don’t do anything fancy with the shakes (e.g. blend them with anything), but the shakes are tasty enough and definitely makes for a quick “breakfast.”  For every serving, the shake contains 20-21g of protein and 5g of carbohydrates (3g sugars).  I have the chocolate flavor as well as the pomegranate cranberry — the cool thing about the pomegranate cranberry is that it is made of goat whey (you don’t see that often), while the chocolate one is organic and fair trade.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s simple, tastes great, and now David is happy.  If you’re looking for high-protein, low-sugar, gluten-free protein shakes, do check out Tera’s Whey (they sell single serving packets, too, so you can try a flavor before committing to it in the full-size version).



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