I ♥: Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drink

5 Dec


I love all-natural fizzy beverages without/very little sugar and low (or without) calories.  When we lived in Stockholm, I went crazy over their wide variety of sparkling water flavors.  My recent favorite fizzy beverage treat is Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drink.  It contains 4 strains of live probiotics and is low calorie, gluten free, lactose/dairy free, made with certified organic ingredients and is vegan, too!  My favorite flavors are the Coconut, Mango Coconut, and the Strawberry Acai Coconut, which have the least amount of sugars (the Coconut one has the least).  The drinks are similar to konbucha, but without such a strong “fermented” taste (I think).  I have only seen Kevita at Whole Foods so far, and they are priced around konbucha prices ($3+) so they are not cheap.  But they are delicious and refreshing, and satisfies my sweet craving during the day.  If you see Kevita and are interested, give it a try!


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