Thoughts on: Thanksgiving in Stockholm

23 Nov

Being in Stockholm, David and I will miss Thanksgiving this year.  Because we don’t have the day off from rehearsals, it’s also difficult to make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner of our own (i.e. I don’t have any time to roast a whole turkey — truthfully, I doubt our tiny oven couldn’t handle it anyway).  Thanksgiving is one of our favorite (food) holidays, though, and we’d hate to do *nothing* for the occasion.  And so I have come up with a slightly nontraditional and simplified (i.e. manageable with work) Thanksgiving menu, with what I think might be some fitting “Swedish” inspirations/substitutions.

Here’s what it looks like for now:


  • Deviled eggs with chives, topped with caviar
  • Thinly sliced chorizo on sliced cucmbers


  • Roasted beets with pistachios and basil
  • Roasted Jerusalem artichokes
  • Mashed potatoes (perhaps with wasabi, if I can find it… or maybe caramelized onions, still mulling this one over)
  • Grilled asparagus


  • Roasted mustard-coated salmon (– since I can’t roast a turkey, salmon seems a good substitute, since we are in Sweden after all)
  • Lingonberry (or some other berry) chutney


  • Duo of dark chocolate: flourless cardamom/orange chocolate cake + “pot o’ coco(nut)”

I love making paleo pumpkin pie, but I can’t find any pureed pumpkin here in Stockholm — as I don’t have time to puree pumpkin myself, I am going to opt for a decadent dark chocolate dessert with high percent cocoa chocolate.  As usual, I will photograph the dishes and upload them here.

It will be a cozy little Thanksgiving for us this year, but I’m happy about at least trying to do something memorable with our nontraditional Thanksgiving Day in Stockholm.

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!!! x x x x


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