We’re digging: take-away salads from Tysta Mari

8 Nov

Everyday for the past week, David and I have eaten salads for lunch from Tysta Mari in the Östermalms Saluhall.  Tysta Mari has a take-away only, build-your-own salad bar with great ingredients.  You pick your choice of lettuce (romaine or mixed), carbs (we pass on this, obvi), protein (ranging from chicken, chunks of smoked salmon, cooked salmon, crayfish, etc.), 3 vegetables (a wide variety), and a dressing.  Today I had a salad of mix leaves, lemon-pepper salmon, marinated mushrooms, artichokes and avocado.  I took some balsamic dressing on the side, but didn’t end up using it because the salad had so much flavor.  We love the salads from Tysta Mari.  Today one of our colleagues asked us how long we will continue to eat salads from there before we get sick of them — and for the moment, we can’t see it happening, as there are so many different combinations to try, and the salads are big and filling.  If you are looking for a fabulous build-your-own salad in Stockholm, I highly recommend Tysta Mari.


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