Settling into Stockholm

5 Nov

David and I will live in Stockholm, Sweden, through mid-February 2012.  We visited Stockholm on business twice last year, but on those trips we stayed in hotels.  We have never lived here — in an apartment, settling in and acclimatizing with the Stockholm way and life of things.  Surely, our time here will be an adventure… especially since we shall experience the (in)famous Swedish/Scandinavian winter!  Our furnished one-bedroom apartment is in Kungsholmen, an island in Lake Mälaren just across the bridge from central Stockholm.  So far, so good.  We arrived this past Monday and have located our local supermarkets and identified where we can get our daily essentials; we know where to buy good wines.  We even found a special Irish butcher that sells beautiful meats and home-made sausages.  We brought a shopping trolley with us (yes, in a suitcase), which is a must-have here.  Our kitchen is small — three electric stoves squished on top of a tiny oven.  But with constraints come creativity and inventiveness (one hopes)!

And so we dive right into our life in Stockholm.


2 Responses to “Settling into Stockholm”

  1. chowstalker (@Chowstalker) November 6, 2011 at 4:05 pm #

    A place I hope to visit one day, so look forward to reading about you time there!

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